Andy Windibank

Web Solutions Consultant

Andy has been a passionate software developer from the age of 12. He learned to program computers on a Sinclair ZX81 (with a 16KB ram pack!) that his father brought home one day. He graduated from Southampton University with an honours degree in Engineering Acoustics and Vibration and went on to work for a company specialising in vibration diagnostic working with helicopters to early wind turbines.

His professional software development career started in October 1998 designing and writing bespoke programs for engineering data logging and analysis, but within a couple of years moved into a company developing global software solutions for the Automotive industry. Throughout his time as a developer he has had an interest in web design and has constantly kept up with the latest languages and toolsets. He has generated a many websites over the years, both personal and for friends and family, but always at the ‘grass-roots’ level, giving him a deep understanding of the inner workings of website design.

In the world of web design the impressive rate of progress with frameworks such as WordPress, allow deployment of flexible, and technologically advanced websites in a short period of time. This gave Andy the nudge he required to turn to the professional world of web design and he started Underground Design. His many years experience as a software developer enables him to easily create well written custom code; to rapidly solve technical challenges and quickly resolve any problems.